dust collectors and fume extractors
STANDALONE Premium Polishing-Grinding Recovery System
SPU STANDARD   Description
Quatro Air Stand-up Polishing Unit
  • Most efficient polishing station on the market
  • True HEPA Filter, ensures 99.97% efficiency on the capture of precious metal particles
  • 2 workstations with 2 SEPARATE collection bags, allowing for the separation of precious metals (platinum dust captured in one ClearView filter bag & gold dust captured in the other)
  • CoolBlue motor supplied is 1/2HP, 2-speed
  • Middle drawer provides for extra storage (additional drawers available)
  • Quiet yet powerful, additional silencer available for more noise suppression (PN: H250)
  • ClearView Hoods provide for a dust-free work environment
  • Continuous duty motor for long-term performance
  • Optional caster kit: PN AS025
Quatro Air AG044 Quatro Air F149 Quatro Air F022  
AG066-20 (20/pack) AG149 F022  
SPU-22A-12L STANDARD, with (1) 1/2HP CoolBlue 2-speed Polishing Motor
Height 53"(1347mm)
Width 39"(991mm)
Depth 19quot;(229mm)
Weight 175lb (79.38kg )
CFM 1200 (2043 m3 / h)
W.C 5"
# / Pallet by Plane 1
# / Pallet by Boat 1
SPU-20A-12L STANDARD, Polishing Motor not included)
Height 53"(1347mm)
Width 39"(991mm)
Depth 19"(229mm)
Weight 155lb (70.31kg )
CFM 1200 (2043 m3 / h)
W.C 5"
# / Pallet by Plane 1
# / Pallet by Boat 1
Motor Type Jet Pump
Amps 9.2 / 4.7 (SPU-2X4-BA)
  9.2 / 4.7 (SPU-2X4-1B)
  9.2 / 4.7 (SPU-X4-NB)
  9.2 / 4.7 (SPU-2X4-CB)
Voltage 120 / 230
Replacement Parts  
SPU-2X4-BA Part #
Pre-Filters for SPU (pack of 20) AG044
Pre-Filters for SPU (BULK Pack of 500) AG055
Filter Bags (pack of 6) AG149
Hepa Filter (current) F022
Hepa Filter (from serial number 18063 & before) F074
Pre-Filter Frame Assembly AR003
Optional Caster Kit AS025
Brass Tapered Spindle – Right B112
Brass Tapered Spindle – Left B113
Replacement Lathe Side Inlet Assembly (Rubber & Frame) AS011
Front Sweeper Assembly (Rubber & Frame) AS019
Replacement Door for Clearview (2/pak) AR007
Clearview Rubber Sleeve Only, Front (No velcro) H446
Clearview Rubber Sleeve Only – Lathe Side H445
Rubber Sleeve - Front Assembly (Velcro) (2 / pack) AR040
Replacement Light Bulbs (2/pak) AR002
Replacement Counter Only, for SPU AR009
Velocity X4 Motor/Wheel Assembly A003
Motor ONLY A004
Fuse E084
Rubber Feet H615
Toggle Switch E035
Single Remote ON/OFF AA011
Footpedal (ON-OFF) AA114
Dual Remote ON/OFF AA012
CE Certified
CSA Certified
HEPA Filters Certified
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