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Compact Dust Collector   Description
Quatro Air JetStream
  • Easily considered the standard for small dust collectors in the jewelry industry the JetStream offers significant advantages and performance over the competition
  • Maximum airflow 110 CFM with a maximum pressure of 90" W.C.
  • 1 micron pre-filter bag, easily replaced
  • 99.97% effective HEPA filter on particles larger than 0.3 micron
  • Built in silencer reduces noise to 49 dBA
  • Sleek, modern and easily portable
  • Full range speed control
  • CSA/UL approved motors with circuit breaker and thermal cut-out protection
  • Remote on-off communication
Quatro Air JetStream Quatro Air JetStream Quatro Air JetStream
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Quatro Air AG143 Quatro Air F160    
AG143 F191S (replaces F190)    
AG113 / AG143 - Note:
The AG143 allerX bags should be used when dealing with larger dry particulate matter.  If you are working with fine dust then the multi-layer AG113 is more effective at capturing this dust in its various layers without clogging up.
JS-1200 Basic Model Compact series (2 station)
Height 12" (305mm) (plus 1.5"(38mm) inlet collar)
Width 10.25” (260 mm)
Depth 14.25” (381 mm)
Weight 28lb (12.7kg )
CFM 141 (240 m3 / hour)
W.C 90"
# / Pallet by Plane 18
# / Pallet by Boat 24
Motor Type High Speed Turbine
Amps 7 / 3
Voltage 120 / 230
* Red indicates 230Volt usage  
Replacement Parts  
JS-1402 Part #
JetStream Filter Bags (Pack of 5) AG143
JetStream HEPA Filter F190
Motor Brushes (2/pkg) AB112
Motor Brushes (4/pkg) AB114
Motor AB001
Replacement Hose , Per Foot H424-FT
Replacement Hose , 6-ft length H424-06
Single Remote ON/OFF AA011
Dual Remote ON/OFF AA012
Rubber Feet H615
Toggle Switch E035
Single Remote ON/OFF AA011
Dual Remote ON/OFF AA012
Footpedal (ON-OFF) AA114
Hose upgrade from 1 to 2-station (Tee, 2nd hose & 2nd adapter) AA105
“Tee” ( for 2 x 1.5” dia hoses to connect to JetStreamor GoldVault Inlet) AR019
Adapter, 1.5” to 3” AR012
Rubber Feet H615
Pot/Speed Control Assembly (120v)  AE044-16
CE Certified
CSA Certified
HEPA Filters Certified

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