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Fully Automatic "Self-Cleaning" Dust Collector   Description
Quatro Air iVAC
  • Designed for systems that generate large volumes of dust, the iVAC is an intelligent "next generation" dust collector with FCS
  • Filter Cleaning System (FCS) is fully automatic, self activating and hands-free and sends accumulated dust from the filter into the collector as needed
  • Knows what to do, When to do it, AND DOES IT
  • Built-in "slide & glide" COLLECTOR, accumulates 6 gallons
  • Fully digital control panel indicates filter replacement and maintenance cycles
Quatro Air iVAC Quatro Air iVAC Quatro Air iVAC
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Quatro Air F081 Quatro Air F084 Quatro Air F081 Quatro Air F069-84   Quatro Air F190
F081 F084 F069-81 F069-84   F190
iV-111 Standard Model
Height 22" (547mm)
Width 14" (356mm)
Depth 20" (508mm)
Weight 65lb (29.48kg )
CFM 141 (240 m3 / h)
W.C 90"
# / Pallet by Plane N/A
# / Pallet by Boat N/A
iVT-121 Twin Model
Height 29" (731mm)
Width 16" (406mm)
Depth 20" (508mm)
Weight 85lb (38.56kg )
CFM 141 (240 m3 / h)
W.C 90"
# / Pallet by Plane N/A
# / Pallet by Boat N/A
Motor Type High Speed Turbine
Amps 7 / 3 (iV-111)
  12 / 6 (iVT-121)
Voltage 120 / 230
* Red indicates 230Volt usage  
Replacement Parts Part Number
HEPA Filter F190
1.5” dia. Red Inlet Cap H620
2.5” dia. Red Inlet Cap H113
3” dia. Red Inlet Cap H148
1x1.5” inlet collar plate M071
2x1.5” inlet collar plate M192
Dust Chamber Latches H626
Speed Control Dial AS014
Replacement Turbine AB001
Black Filter DoorHEPA Retainer Knobs H352
Toggle Switch E035
Turbine Brush Kit (2 brushes) AB112
Turbine Brush Kit (4 brushes) AB114
1.5”dia.HeavyDuty Hose 6ft long H424-06
2.0”dia.HeavyDuty Hose 6ft long H154-06
2.5”dia.HeavyDuty Hose 6ft long H105-06
3”dia.HeavyDuty Hose 6ft long H142-06
1x2.5” inlet collar plate M173
2 x 2.5” inlet collar plate M006
1/8" Gasket Roll (40') H006
Rubber Grommets for Filter Support (4/pk) AR059
Rubber Grommets for Turbine Motor(s) (4/pk) AR059
1.5”dia.HeavyDuty Hose 12ft long H424-12
2.0”dia.HeavyDuty Hose 12ft long H154-12
2.5”dia.HeavyDuty Hose 12ft long H105-12
3”dia.HeavyDuty Hose 12ft long H142-12
1x2.0” inlet collar plate M232
Rubber Floor Grommets H615
HICAP-Filter AG081
HICAP-Filter AG082
Blower Turbine Assy AB001
Filter Cleaning Motor Assy AR051
Blower Turbine Assy AB001
Filter Cleaning Motor Assy AR052
Repl. iV-111 Cntrl Panel AE050-16 R4-REPL
Repl. iV-211 Cntrl Panel AE050-16 mc2-R4-REPL
Repl. iVT-121 Cntrl Panel AE072-16 R4-REPL
CE Certified
CSA Certified
HEPA Filters Certified

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