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Air Purifiers for IVF Facilities    
Advanced Air Filtration for Life Sciencesand IVF Labs   Description
Quatroair AF Air Purifiers
Designed to handle high concentrations of chemicals, gases, odors, particles and biological contaminants, the AF Air Purifiers deliver superior air quality for IVF facilities.
The AF Air Purifiers are available as standalone units (standard configuration) for general air purification.
For virtually any application that requires removal of chemicals, vapors and particles directly at the source, a vast selection of flexible or articulated arms, hoods and ducting accessories capture any contaminants before they spread into the environment.

  • Cleans, purifies and freshens all room air
  • Collects particles down to 0.3 sub-micron levels
  • Filters 100% of all room air every 4 minutes
  • Removes all odors and airborne dust particles
  • Four models available for different size areas
  • AF400 for under 300 sq.ft.(<27m2 )
  • AF600 for up to approx. 350-400 sq.ft.(<36m2 )
  • AF1000 for up to approx. 500-600 sq.ft .(<56m2 )
  • AF2000 for up to approx. 1000-1200 sq.ft. .(<111m2 )
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F001 F007 F016 F057 F003    
Height 12" (300mm)
Width 15" (380mm)
Depth 30" (760mm)
Weight 48lb (22kg )
CFM 000m3 / min
W.C 2"
# / Pallet by Plane 00
# / Pallet by Boat 00
Height 13" (310mm)
Width 11" (260mm)
Depth 15" (365mm)
Weight 135lb (61.23kg )
CFM 000m3 / min
W.C 2"
# / Pallet by Plane 00
# / Pallet by Boat 00
Height 52"(1321mmm)
Width 22"(559mm)
Depth 16"(407mm)
Weight 200lb (90.72kg )
CFM 000m3 / min
W.C 2"
# / Pallet by Plane 00
# / Pallet by Boat 00
Height 71"(1803mmm)
Width 24"(610mm)
Depth 26"(660mm)
Weight 350lbs (158.76kg)
CFM 000m3 / min
W.C 2"
# / Pallet by Plane 00
# / Pallet by Boat 00
Motor Type Motorised Impeller
Amps 2 (AF400)
  2 (AF600)
  2 (AF1000)
  6 (AF2000)
Voltage 120
Replacement Parts AF600 AF1000 AF2000
Dust Filter F007 F007 F001
HiCap Filter F016 F015 F014
HEPA Filter F017 F006 F002
HEPA Filter-HighEff. F057 F056 N/A
Empty Odor Filter Casing F003 F003 F033
Repl. General Odor Filter NC-GPC NC-GPC NC-GPC
Fuse E086 E085 E084
Toggle Switch E011 E035 E035
Control Panel Assembly A040 A043 A046
Blower Motor Assy A010 A002 A012
Blower Motor Only A009 A001 A011
Casters H042 H042 H002
Discharge Grille E011 H044 H063
Intake Grille N/A N/A H001
CE Certified
CSA Certified
HEPA Filters Certified

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