dust collectors and fume extractors
Printing - Graphic Arts
Laser Collection   Description
Quatro Air AeroVac
  • Captures fumes and particulate debris at source
  • Multiple filter arrangement for disposable bag, Hepa cartridge and gas phase filter
  • Ideal for applications such as: laser soldering & laser welding
  • Quiet (52 dBA) with built in whisper quiet features
  • Portable design can be installed anywhere
  • Specialty chemical filters can be incorporated to deal with toxic and/or nuissance odors
  • Automated controls available
MP-101 No Attachments
Height 20"(508mm)
Width 13"(330mm)
Depth 16"(407mm)
Weight 45lbs
Amps (120v ) 2
MP-104 c/w ClearView
Height 20"(508mm)
Width 13"(330mm)
Depth 16"(407mm)
Weight 45lbs
Amps (120v ) 2
Quatro Air F082    
Replacement Parts Part Number
Toggle Switch E035
Door Gasket Roll H156
1/16" Gasket Roll H007
6’ Hi-Capacity Hose, 2.5”dia H105-6
6’ Hi-Capacity Hose, 3”dia H142-6
Blower Door Screws H040
Rubber Grommets H498
2.5” Hose Clamps H253
Plastic hose Caps, 2.5” H113
12’ Hi-Capacity Hose, 2.5”dia H105-12
12’ Hi-Capacity Hose, 3”dia H142-12
Black Filter Door Knob H352
3” hose clamps H117
Plastic hose Caps, 2.5” H148
25’ Hi-Capacity Hose, 2.5” dia H105-25
25’ Hi-Capacity Hose, 3” dia H142-25
HICAP-Filter F082
Motor Assy Call Quatro
Control Panel, no gauge AE031-236
Insulation Kit H194
2 x 2.5” inlet collar Assembly AS037
2 x 3” inlet collar Assembly AS038
2 x 2.5” inlet collar plate H128
2 x 3” inlet collar plate H127
Blank Off Plate H125

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