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For dental labs, hospitals, healthcare clinics, laser cutting and engraving, soldering, jewelry, optical labs, home and office and general air purification.

The air quality in industrial plants, factories, and small manufacturing shops does not have an impeccable reputation. Neither for staff, nor for the equipment.
However, there are creators of fresh air whose trade is to fight poor air quality and provide the essential ingredient for a healthy workplace, clean air.
With over 20 years of experience in air purification, dust and emissions control, Quatro Air Technologies is one of them.

At Quatro Air Technologies, we take pride in being one of the worlds most focused companies in providing portable and integrated air treatment systems: dust collectors and air purifiers for the dental industry, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities, laser fume extractors for laser cutting and engraving, fume extractors for soldering and welding, dust collectors and polishing-grinding recovery systems for the jewelry industry, air purifiers for optical labs, home and office.

Discover more about our dust collectors and fume extractors in our applications area above. Choose the industry that most resembles your area of concern and explore the posibilities.

Whether you are looking for an off-the-shelf HEPA system, a customized dust collector or a fume extractor, Quatro Air Technologies has the most suitable solution for you.

Quatro Air spl400 Pre Filter Section
  • Ideal for low debris generating applications such as metal marking
  • The SPL system employs a medium pressure motorized brushless impeller
  • Three stages of filtration ensure that particulate and odors are removed
  • 4" High Capacity pre-filter, 6" HEPA filter and 2" Chemical filter
  • Standard inlets are 3" and 4" diameter. Custom inlets available
  • Extended lids are available to allow easy cart installation or inside a cabinet
  • Filters are easily accessed and serviced through the latched pressure lid
  • Optional filter sequences avaialble
  • The unit can be customized to meet OEM requirements
PF400S Pre-Filter Section
Laser filter exhaust pre-filter section
Quatro Air PF400S Pre Filter Section
What is it?
We call it a Pre filter section. It is designed specifically for the laser or engraver end user. It is essentially a motor less or passive series of filters that can enhance the performance of an SPH 400 by giving it significant extra dust and particle capture. It can be used as a self contained system beside the fume extractor or attached directly on top of the SPH-400, doubling the height and the total filter capacity.
Who needs it?
Customers that have heavy dust loadings will appreciate this pre-filter section since it will prolong the life of the primary filters inside the SPH-400 series of extractors as well as reduce the life cycle of filter changes.
Quatro Air PF400S Pre Filter Section
Quatro Air F128
What's inside?
The SPH-400 ships with a simple pleated PRE filter to protect both the HEPA and the carbon filter from being plugged with large dust and particulate matter. With the addition of the pre-filter section you now have two huge 12” x 6” x 24” antimicrobial dust filter bags that can capture a significant amount of dust and particulate matter.
How easy is to change the filters?
How easy is it to change the filters? Whether you have a standalone section or a direct mount section the filter bags are accessed in the same manner. Remove inlet cover, quarter turn 4 locking mechanisms and remove the section to replace bags. Designed to be clean simple and effective. Dust is contained in the bags to minimize the mess and exposure of personnel to potentially harmful dust.
Quatro Air PF400S Pre Filter Section
How can I use it?
On the left is the pre-filter unit on it’s own and on the right it is mounted on top of an SPH-400. The stand alone section is versatile enough to be used with any existing filter system. The inlet and discharge collars can accommodate many different arrangements to suit the application. Single or dual 1”, 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3” or 4” diameter collars are available as standard options. Custom diameters are available upon request
Can I install this myself if I have an SPH400?
If height is not an issue, the installation is quite simple and straight forward. Remove the inlet cover of the SPH-400 system. The pre-filter section clamps directly onto the unit. Replace the cover and clamp onto the pre-filter section . You are now ready to go
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